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From all of us at Greater Glass, we hope you had a great Birthday Murray

#EatCake #21Again

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Happy birthday Murray! 🎉🎉🎉

Its coming into #Summer which means swimming season! 

We love the use of grey safety glass in this pool fence. 

#GreatDayForGlazing #BringOnSummer
There was a whole lot of controversy on The Block after Kitchen reveals! Whilst Josh and Elyse earned perfect tens from all three judges, Jason and Sarah did the contestant walkthrough and found the gas stove too close to the Kitchen splashback and therefore, not compliant.  We think Jason should have just been counting his blessings for all the help he’s been given and the fact that they are even still on the Block!

Whilst we don’t like the “dobbing to Scotty” that happened by Jason, gas flames too close to a splashback is a real danger.  So much so that we’ve got a fact sheet on just that topic (plus much more) on our website

If you want to buck the Block trend of using Caesarstone splashbacks, there are some amazing looks that can be achieved with #Glass Splashbacks and your next door neighbours won’t have exactly the same thing 😉

#9TheBlock #KitchenRenos #Splashback
What an amazing use of natural light in Josh and Elyses winning master bedroom this week on The Block. Natural light is a huge part of making your home comfortable and healthy. 

All the contestants went with CSR Viridian LightBridge™ double glazing units, which kerbs the flow of heat in and out of your home, allowing for superior insulation.

We also want to say big congrats to Sticks on the arrival of his gorgeous new bubba and to Wombat for doing it alone for most of the week, well done  Sticks and Wombat!

If you are interested in installing energy efficient glass into your home or office, were here to assist you.

#EnergyEfficientGlass #NaturalLight
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